1181 Queen West stands boldly as the gateway to a neighbourhood that defines itself by defying convention. Its intricate design challenges perception of depth and stance. Discover gleaming glass elegantly framed by cool, silver-grey stone. Here, each level assumes its own form, commanding its own space: set-back, thrust outward, and eventually angled into dramatic leading edges on the upper levels.

Vogue magazine twice named Queen West as one of the coolest streets in the world. The City of Toronto itself stamped its iconic identity on every street sign: The Art & Design District. A hotbed of galleries, artist’s studios, and boutiques, there’s a palpable energy on the street and an opportunity for surprise at every turn. This is a community of engagement. Where attention is paid to authenticity. Where details are given their due. Where Toronto gets its esteemed reputation.

Today, the guest has turned her attention away from the glitter and the glitz at the front of house. Those are mere distractions. To the delight of all, the spotlight has returned to the plate itself; here, the meal’s the thing. And what things Queen West brings. Whatever the influence, from Caribbean to Continental, the focus is on superior ingredients. The purveyors have come, bursting with locally sourced offerings from which the chefs zealously stake their claims. In this cauldron of excellence, where even the experts watch and appreciate one another, it is always your pleasure that matters most. In almost any flavour you can desire, appetizers are arranged just so, courses conceived to purely compel your favour.

Queen West is a neighbourhood that attracts the sort of people who are themselves attracted to the exceptional. Who decide for themselves what quality means. Bespoke. Custom. We hear these words so much now. That’s because, more and more, people seek what is genuinely special. We seize upon things and places that are original. Because original is becoming more and more rare. We’re delighted when we see something that someone has interpreted in their own unique and, most importantly, skillful way.